Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Amen Estate Phase 2 located?

Amen Estate Phase 2 is located at Eleko Beach Road, Opposite Amen Estate Phase 1, Off Lekki Epe express road, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Who are the owners/developers of Amen Estate Phase 2?

Redbrick Homes International Limited.

What type of title does Amen Estate Phase 2 have on the land?

Registered Title Covered by Governors Consent.

Are there any encumbrances on the land?

The Land is free from government acquisition and adverse claims.

What is the size of a plot?


What other payments do I make apart from payment of the land?

5% will be charged for Survey and Title deeds, a yearly Service Charge of NGN 400,000 for a house and NGN 200,000 for land.

When do I make the other payments?

Survey and fees for Title Deeds should be paid before physical allocation

What are the infrastructure expected to be put in place?

Drainage Systems, Electricity/street lighting, Water supply, waste management system, Security Cameras, Paved Roads, Perimeter Fencing

What do I get after initial payment for the land?

A letter of acknowledgment (which acknowledges the payment made thus far), and receipt for the payment made

Is the road to the estate accessible?

Yes, the road to the estate is accessible.

When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?

Once payment for the plot of land has been made in full (inclusive of payment for the title deed and Survey Plan).

How much is a corner piece and what is the size?

The size of the corner piece varies; however, the amount will be prorated using the amount per square meter at the point of purchase.

Can I start construction of building immediately?

Construction can commence after complete payment for land, survey, and title deeds.

Are there commercial plots for sale?

Yes. $55,000 Along the Express Road and Emerald Road.

Is there any restrictions regarding the type of building I can construct in the estate?

All building designs must be submitted in hardcopy (Signed and Sealed) to Redbrick Homes International Ltd, approved by Redbrick Homes International Ltd in the first instance, then by Lagos State Government and you will be required to conduct a soil test on your plot before building work can commence.

Can I resell my plot/property?

Yes, a subscriber who has paid up on their land can resell their plot. However, approval must be sought and granted by AMEN ESTATE PHASE 2 MANAGEMENT. We would require the reseller to furnish the company with details of the buyer so as to update our database.

Can I pay to your agent?

No. All payments should be made to Redbrick Homes International Limited at its designated banks. Cheque(s) should be issued in favour of Redbrick Homes International Limited. We shall not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

What happens if I cannot continue with the payment? Can I get a refund?

Yes. Refund may be possible but less an administrative fee of 25% of the full asking purchase price. In a situation where the purchaser has not paid up to 25% of the full asking purchase price, there shall be no refund of any monies paid. A letter should be written to the management stipulating your intent to discontinue the purchase. Payments will be refunded within 90 days of receiving your letter however with a deduction of administrative fee of 25% of the full asking purchase price.

Can I have a survey for more than one (1) plot?

Yes, however payment for each survey (per plot) will be made in accordance with the number of plots purchased.

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