Three main important things…


Indicate the three main important things in Real Esate.

For a length of time now, the three most important aspects one should know when investing in real estate are location, location and location right? oh well, disagree, must be sincere to tell you that most of the important things to know when it comes to real estate investment due to the research and past review, will say it’s the Location, Timing and it Circumstances.

LOCATION: Place where real estate is situated. The geographic location of property affects its value. For example, real estate in a good neighborhood is worth more, instances like all Amen Estate Series, are situated at the forefront of the express-way in majorly the potential land marks around the the estate with the best land title for investors.

TIMING:  Timing is the act of moving investment money in or out of a financial market—or switching funds between asset-classes, based on predictive methods. If investors can predict when the market will go up and down, they can make trades to turn that market move into a profit.

CIRCUMSTANCES: The sum of determining factors beyond willful control. Additionally, as we saw above, a generally dysfunctional security sector riddled with poor leadership or the deceased created circumstances in which order and discipline were undermined. They are thus excluded from the domestic sphere under normal circumstances and can only enter by ritual invitation.

The glory image of Agbowo Mall back in the day

Literally, the most reasons why said that timing and circumstances changed. I could remember back in the day as a young growing boy in Ibadan, there was a multi-million naira shopping mall situated in the heart of Ibadan, which was bout 20 years ago, was at that time the biggest mall in Oyo State, it was highly equipped and had a cinema house attached to it.

Succinctly, so bad the almighty Agbowo shopping mall becomes a struggling, decaying and became a hideout for hoodlums, beggars as well mentally deranged individuals that had found a home there. “Too bad bad!”

The diminishing image of the Agbowo Shopping Mall

Now remember the location didn’t change but timing and circumstances did, although in the effort to rehabilitate the structure the immediate Late Governor of the state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi signed the memorandum of understanding with the consortium of investors remodel, redevelop and rehabilitate the Agbowo mall at a cost of NGN 8Billion in which the effort did not go beyond the documentation signed. Goodnews! at least the Agbowo mall will comeback to it’s new-look now the new re-elected Governor of Oyo State has leased it out to a private sector.

Pronto, what makes circumstances so important is that it includes demographics, economic activities and it conditions. In which it demonstrates how timing need circumstance can change the value of a location. There upon hope we’re of the same page like-mind with my review of scrutiny.

In recommendation, when you are looking at investing in real estate, brood on the long term as to what you project the future based on the Timing and Circumstances to be referenced to that property.

“To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.” 

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