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Do you know what “Location !!!” Means IN REAL ESTATE?

Chances are that your clients have heard this old real estate adage, but they may not understand exactly what it means. The factors that make a home’s location desirable can vary from market to market, and in many cases result from a combination of considerations. Here are some of the things that can make a location attractive to real estate buyers.


Savvy home buyers keep an eye on the future and whether a property will bring good returns when they decide to sell it. Estimating resale value can be tricky since market and economic trends can be difficult to forecast, but some neighborhoods and areas have historically higher sales in prices and or lower in time on market statistics, which can be indicators of potential resale value.


Proximity to business districts, schools, town centers, airports, public transportation, deep seaport, free trade zone, and other major landmarks can cut commute times and make those properties enticing to buyers. In areas with high traffic volumes, convenience to frequently visited destinations can be even more important to buyers.


Homes that are near parks, dining, entertainment, shopping, and recreational opportunities can be perceived as offering a higher quality of life. Amenities can be particularly important to relocating clients who are eager for the activities their new location offers and to young homebuyers.


Homes located in highly regarded school both primaries, secondaries and tertiaries institutions districts can have higher home values and quicker sales. The ability to walk safely to local schools can be an added plus. For families, access to reputable schools can be particularly important.


Certain neighborhoods carry status and are sought after as a result of their esteemed reputation and cachet. In these areas, buyers may be willing to sacrifice square footage or lot size in order to afford homes. Prominent neighborhoods may be older, established communities or new, trendy developments built-in high definition units.

Do you know what.. Location means in Real Estate?

Homes in areas with low crime statistics can be appealing to buyers, especially those with families and aging homeowners. Gated communities offer an added layer of security that can set a property or a neighborhood apart from other areas.


Homes that are positioned to take advantage of scenic vistas are often highly regarded. Sought-after panoramas include water, mountain, golf course, forest, and city views. Homes with nice views can bring higher asking prices than comparable homes in the same neighborhood that may not have enviable vantage points.

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